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Emma King- Soul Guide

Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life

As we enter into the 'Age of Aquarius', many women find themselves at odds with the life they live.  Feeling more and more that they need to make themselves smaller or to fight for their place at the table.

In a world where being 'high vibe' and 'the law of abundance' are known by many, we find ourselves anxious that we are the creator and the initiator of the storm  about to hit our life.

There is another way, another learning, another message.  It's in the shadows of our life.  In the parts of us we keep hidden.  It is within the storms that we create from, that we RISE from and that we learn from

When we integrate our shadows as part of our essence, as part of our magic - we FIND ourselves again.  We create peace.  We create unconditional love.  We create community.  We create SHE - SHE is you and SHE is me


About Me

Hi I'm Emma,

Wife, Mother of 3 and former nurse of 22 years.  And now Priestess.

I have been caring for, protecting and soothing people my whole life.  I found myself in the depths of chronic illness, postnatal depression, a complete unravelling of my self esteem and self worth and the collapse of my marriage.

I felt broken, any hope of change completely cast by the dark shadows of life.  Until I realised those shadows were my power.  They were my opportunity to explore, question, unravel everything I had been taught and nurture the parts of me that I KNEW it could be different.

The shadows built my strength in a way that I realised that nothing else could.  What I had thought had stripped me of hope and resilience turned out to be the very thing that restored me to my natural power.

I sat in the shadows, felt EVERYTHING and chose my right to create and take back the wheel.

I rose, accepting all the challenges as nothing more than opportunities to learn, grow and expand further into my ultimate vision.  The vision call for me to guide you to this transformation too.

Now, with my marriage healed and stronger than ever, illness a thing of the past and standing in my power as Priestess Of Shadows, i want to gift you with care, protection and nourishment.  But not the kind that we have been taught - the one that leaves us depleted until we have nothing left.  I want to gift you one that allows you to take care of others AND yourself.  I want to guide you through your own shadows so you can see there IS another way, there IS more, and you get to have it all.

From this place we build a life of our own creation, one that weget to pass on to our children, our loved ones, showing them that life is there to be LIVED, to be experienced and to be felt in all its glory.

Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together.


Client Feedback

Straight From The Source

"I have enrolled in a hypnotherapy course.  I thought about how my numerology path and gift numbers say this too.  Thank you so much for all your help and guidance so far.  Everyone should work with you!"


"Emma has been fantastic, with just a short snippet of my situation she had taken the time to give her very professional and intuitive advice.  She helped me in an effective and sympathetic way.  I really appreciate the personal touches and time she has taken to understand and help me make sense of a difficult time"



Work With Me

1:1 Coaching

From £195

 I offer coaching on a 1:1 basis.  This is a dedicated space for you for whatever you need.

I am an intuitive guidance coach. 


I have extensive experience of 23 years of being a nurse and health visitor.  Within those roles I 'coached' daily.  My coaching style is one of creating a safe and nurturing space so that you feel held to explore you, your life, your relationships and experiences around those (and more).   I will not instruct you on what you should do, tell you what you think or believe.  I feel very strongly that despite what our society and lives to date have told us, we KNOW what it is that we need, want and desire.  Only we live in a world where we look to the things outside of ourselves to deliver our instruction manual

My role and soul purpose is to guide you back to yourself so that you are fully able to step into your brilliance.  So that you are able to self resource and feel your own fire inside.

If you would like to talk about whether I am the right person to be your guide, you are very welcome to email me and we can chat further.  I understand and respect that when stepping into this type of investment and into a space that feels vulnerable, we must first feel that we are able to trust the space and also the person who creates it.

Text Coaching/Support/Guidance

£55 a Month

This is for you if you would like me to be at the end of your text for support/coaching/guidance.  We will set this up via Voxer (like Whatsapp).  Here you will be able to message me with whatever it is you feel you need.  I will be there to support and challenge you in a nurturing way through hold space for you.

Numerology  Reading


Life didn't come with an instruction manual or did it?  What if instead of spending years figuring out why the same struggles keep appearing, you had a clear, concise game plan for how to overcome them?

What if i was to tell you that you came into this world with your own personal handbook and all it takes is your birth date and me to translate it for you?

Numerology, the ancient language of the universe, can be used to understand yourself on a deep, transformative, soul level.  By its very nature it is your soul's way of communicating with you.

Through your numerology reading you will discover how to overcome the challenges of self perception in order to create inner peace and connection.

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