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Find Yourself. Live Your Purpose

 Healing anxiety, overwhelm and people pleasing  to an unshakable self trust and confidence in who you are and what you want

Create a life your heart doesn't want to run away from

There is a voice inside you that knows who she is & what she wants.  But over the course of your life you have been taught to ignore her - to pretend she doesn't exist.  You have been taught to forget you, forget her - others are more important.  Through the noise in society you have learnt that her voice is not to be trusted or valued. Nobody has given her time or a space to be heard. 


I know.  I used to find it impossible to decipher what it was that I wanted from my life.  I couldn't picture it, it was impossible.   I was bathed in my need to be what I thought other people expected of me.  When you are constantly putting yourself in the shoes of others how can you even know who you are? I inherited other people's wishes, desires & aspirations.

So many of us feel alone, never creating meaningful relationships or connections with others beyond the surface.  We feel as though we want to ask them "what do you want from me?"as though we're on a one way street of giving.  We surrender to what we have written as fact in our life, that we are to abandon ourselves & always seek to give over ourselves to others so that we can be seen to be 'good' people.

The world we live in today commands us to never trust ourselves.  There has to be something outside of ourselves that knows better & knows you better. 

We are taught that the inevitable dis-eases such as anxiety & depression are things we need to 'fix' about ourselves &  that someone or something else knows how to 'fix' it for us.  But when things like medication and endless modalities of therapy don't put us back together, it only goes to serve to exacerbate our feelings of being broken & never being enough for anything or anyone.

So we either get caught in the never ending loop of trying our fucking hardest to do all the things we're told that will fix us OR we become numb to ourselves.  We become lost.  We loose our place in life.  And we have no idea who we are.

We become what we need to to fit in.  To wear the mask that everyone around us needs & expects from us.  We morph into various versions of ourselves wearing them like a different outfit depending on what mask we need for each person or situation. Deep down, we know the outfits & masks don't fit us - they are now who we are but are what others want us to be or expect us to be.  

This is exactly why you have  no fucking clue of who you are or what you want from life.  How could you when you live to please & satisfy others & never yourself?  The inner you - the real you, she is in there trying her best to make herself heard.

If you're sick of anxiety on loop,feeling on edge  & never feeling 'at home' or settled. Are you so so tired of having to put the mask on 24/7 & wish you could put it the fuck down? 


Come into this 16 week nurturing space with me.  Here you will be welcomed to just be - no expectation.  Here you will be gently guided to who YOU ARE - you will meet her here.  You already know her & she knows you - you just need to allow her the space to come forward.

You have tried to 'fix' yourself so many times but you seem to get further & further away from your own thoughts, feelings & needs.  You handed yourself over to the experts who claim to know  what you need but always miss the mark by a mile.  You did what was expected of you. You've tried affirmations & followed the 'Law of Attraction' like it was your new religion but it didn't fucking work.  It just add to the shit pile you feel of not being worthy of 'abundance'.  You were  'positive vibes only' as much as you could muster, but wanted to scream - fuck off I'm not!

I know you you can't imagine how it would feel to not be dragged down by the thoughts & opinions of others. You feel so far removed from any thoughts & feelings of your own - who the fuck even am I? It's exhausting never having a place to rest.

In 'Find Yourself. Live Your Purpose' I will share with you how you can heal the crippling people pleasing.  You will understand why nothing has worked for you & why it would never could.  You will no longer feel completely disconnected from who you are at your core.  You'll realise that the anxiety, depression & overwhelm you have carried like a backpack each day, are the 'symptoms' of never having learnt how to nurture & express your own needs.  You will also discover a meaningful connection to what it is that YOU want, need & think

You were never broken - you never needed to be fixed.  You  needed to know how to be you.

I want to give the place to rest. To experience what it is to speak to who you are at your core, to finally give her the voice that she deserves & society has kept quiet for so long.  I want to show you how you find her, how you speak with her & what she wants you to know.  I want you to know that she is there & always will be, you were just never given the tool box to hear her.

In 'Find Yourself. Live Your Purpose'  You Will Receive
  • 12 x 60 - 90 min  Group zoom sessions for teaching/coaching (length dependent on what is needed each week)

  • 4 x 30 min Group Coaching sessions

  • Resources to complement your journey & healing -Life time access to the dashboard

  • Meditations

  • Recommended reading list

  • Opportunity to book 1:1 sessions with me st £65 for an hour (Usually £195 per hour)

  • Personalised Numerology reading by me to discover your life blue print 

In 'Find Yourself.  Live Your Purpose' You Will:

Understand why it is that you have never felt connected to who you are 

Ditch the constant anxiety through  the tools & practices enabling you to feel in control &  grounded in the present moment

Gain useful, easy to implement tools to use everyday making people pleasing a thing of the past

Truly learn to trust yourself in ways you have never experienced

Develop your authentic & nurturing relationship with YOURSELF

Create  boundaries that empower you to stay true to who you are & what you need - & stick to them

To FINALLY allow yourself the compassion & grace to believe you were NEVER ever broken

Have practices which allow you to create & enforce an energetic  protection around you preventing you from absorbing harmful & toxic external feelings & energies

Develop a  heightened awareness of any toxic behaviours & traits other's use to take advantage of you

Finally feel at home with who YOU are & feel settled in what you need, want & desire to create your new existence fully rooted in you

Program Structure
Month 1

Weeks 1-3

4 x 60-90 min Group Calls 

People pleasing

Feelings, thoughts & experiences created through people pleasing & how they manifest

How other people's behaviours & traits influence  our feelings & internal discomfort

How our experiences to date shape our relationship to who we are

Week 4

1 x 30 min Group check in/coaching call

Month 2 

Weeks 5-7

4 x 60-90 min Group Calls 

How to protect yourself from taking on the thoughts, opinions & feelings of others

Creating & enforcing boundaries in a gentle non confrontations way - where you are prone to allowing them to be crossed

How to say 'no' & mean it

Learning to forgive without giving your power away

Becoming more comfortable with not pushing your own thoughts & needs down

Week 8

1 x 30 min Group check in/coaching call

Month 3

Weeks 9-11

4 x 60-90 min Group Calls 

Allowing yourself to receive time, money, attention & why it has been impossible for you


Teaching on 'ego' & 'soul' - why you struggle to reach or stick to a decision & how to know what is a 'yes' for you or what is fear 


How to choose your emotional response when you want to feel some thing different without numbing out


Practices for staying in the present moment to kick anxiety into touch

Week 12

1 x 30 min Group check in/coaching call

Month 4

Weeks 13-15

4 x 60 min Group Coaching Calls -

Consolidation & integration

Week 16

1 x 30 min Group check in/coaching call

Investment Options

Pay In Full - bonus of 10% off  - (£875)


You will pay £795

Payment Plans Available  (Total £875)

5 month Payment Plan

£175 per month for 5 months