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Emma King

Cathartic messenger on a soul level

Meet Emma

A place for containment & activation of change within

Emma spent 27 years caring for & listening to people in their most raw and vulnerable times of their lives.  Emma is a paediatric nurse & health visitor who spent a great deal of her career working on Paediatric Intensive Care. She has been the place where immense grief has found a place to be be held.


Emma has 3 children of her own & a relationship with her husband of 24 years. During her late 30’s now into her mid 40’s life found a way to crack her open in so many ways. From  her marriage reaching a crisis & crumbling point to a total rebuilding of herself & a realisation of how she related to the world & her relationships within that.

As a child Emma was painfully shy.   Never one to stand out, to complain or to make a fuss.  She came to the realisation that she has carried this little girl through every stage of her life never fully understanding the impact this had as she took her into adulthood.  It was through the work Emma has done to uncover and love the parts she had grown to hate when she felt as though she was so tightly bound that she unravelled all the pieces of that little girl and her shyness.


What I Specialize In

A non judgmental space 

Attachment style in relationship

Healthy boundary setting

Establishing wants and needs

Mentorship through experience

Image by Rene Böhmer

Motherhood can lead to the uncovering of our own childhood wounds

“Emma is one of the most insightful people I know”

Nikki White

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