Hooked By Narcissism

Revealing and Healing the Narcissism/Empath Wound

6 Week Empowerment

Starts 30th March

Humanity has a gaping wound that needs healing. 


It is a wound that runs deep, it infects our energy to its very core. 


Burying itself and setting up home inside us.  It is felt in the anxiety of the darkness it creates as the constant cycle and bombardment of projection.  The feeling nauseous as to what is next?  The feeling of being on high alert constantly, did I do something 'wrong'.  We feel it in the silent treatment, when we have no idea what we have done or not done - did we mess up again? The eggshells we walk on to play to the 'rules'.  You feel that rage of frustration because they NEVER take accountability for their actions. 


They are entitled to take from everyone and never give anything meaningful back.  The ALWAYS get what they want, even if they need to trample over others to get there. 

You feel isolated from your friends, family, colleagues - all your support systems and you have no one.  You feel so ashamed, what have you done, what is wrong with you?  Would anyone actually believe what you tell them?  

You feel so utterly responsible for their life.  They keep telling you that you are the only reason that they want to live.  You have tried to leave but you're trapped.  When you have tried to leave they have brought you crumbling back down, asking you "How does it feel to make someone not feel like living?" - you can't leave now!

It feels like a never ending cycle of wonderfulness it feels amazing to mean so much to someone.  But then, they blow cold.  You feel like you're nothing but an inconvenience, someone they don't even really like or respect.  It's so confusing but you stay because the good times are amazing - it's worth it right?  Right?

They never really listen, everything is about them, their greatness or their pain.  You see them celebrating how amazing they are by listing other people's achievements as their own.  The talk about their flaws, their flaws are that they are TOO good and TOO giving and they must stop that.

You have a suspicion that they are tracking you somehow, nah, that sounds paranoid right?  But they seems to now your every move, how is that possible?

How do I know all this?  Because I have been on the receiving end.  I am the empath.  I am a (reforming) people pleaser and over explainer.  I am also a former nurse and health visitor and saw this on a daily basis in my professional roles - 22 years of it.

Sound familiar to you?


"I only want what's best for you"

"You're not doing the {spitutual} work enough/right, do more"

"You're too sensitive"

"I'm only doing/saying this because I love you"

"I'm really worried about you"

"I didn't mean to trigger you"

"It's for your greatest, highest good"

"I'm worried about you"

"How does it feel to make someone not want to live?"

"I always get what I want"

"Don't underestimate me, I am smarter than you think"

"I thought I'd explain in case it triggers you"


It's a collective wound.  It is projected at us from everywhere.  Whether that's through individuals we have relationships with, spiritual teachers, people who are in 'caring roles' or the governing powers of the moment. It is rife.  It is an everyday lived experience on a collective scale.

Through this 6 week container we will:

There is no requirement to speak about anything you feel uncomfortable about.  this can be an interactive experience but ONLY if you feel safe to.  this will be a nurturing space, you get to use it as you wish

If time is an issue, all calls will be recorded and uploaded so you can do this in your own time with no pressure.

  • Understand more about the relationships between narcissism and empath

  • Look at the cycle of behaviours prevalent in these relationships

  • Reveal the hidden narcissistic behaviours and traits

  • Understand what gaslighting is, how to recognise it and how it FEELS

  • Look deeper into the collective pain, healing and recovery (the bigger picture)

  • How was use our intuition as our inner energetic GPS

  • How to avoid 'shiny person syndrome'

  • You will learn how to protect yourself and your energy

  • You will find YOU again

  • Forgiveness - not for them, it is for YOU

  • Learn how your body gives you signals to tap into when it is 'rejecting' someone else's energy

  • Learn how to put boundaries in place that feel good to you

  • You will realise you are not alone and you are NOT crazy

  • How to RECLAIM yourself

During the 6 weeks you will get:

  • A 1 hour live call each week by Emma - recorded and uploaded onto a dashboard

  • Lifetime access to the calls and any resources

  • A group Voxer (like Whatsapp) for text and voice note support

  • The opportunity to add on individual 1:1 sessions with me at a reduces rate of £65 for an hour (worth £197)


All this for £95 (worth over £1000). 


I wanted to bring this healing to as many people as I can and so have purposefully priced this so it's easily accessible for you

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