Lit UP!

Lit UP is a 4 week empowerment journey

£118 (or 2 X £59)


In Lit UP I will take you from the place of numbing out through all the trappings of our life today to fully embracing your emotions and FEELING. Using powerful tools and knowledge that I use. To not being afraid to be the woman who FEELS and be IN the emotions but to learn to see them as feedback and to FULLY stand in your WOMANNESS!  You will do so in this safe and protected space.  Where it doesn't have to be scary or alone but it gets to be EXCITING and EMPOWERING!  And that ALL the emotion and expression gets to be the full expression of ALL WOMEN!

Have you gone through your life scared, in fear and anxiety?  Did you, like me grow up where you were told to keep quiet?  Shhh, stop crying now - you have nothing to cry about.  Where expressing any kind of emotions which is either side of neutrality,  is far too anxiety provoking.  

We as woman, have been told over and over that when our emotions and expressions are not sweet, quiet, gentile and feminine that we are far too wild to handle.  We are described as 'over emotional' or we're are sarcastically asked 'is it the time of the month?'. FFS!

So many of us in the world that we live in today find a way of numbing out.  We use social media, binge on Netflix, get drawn to sensational celebrity 'news' and on and on.  The over consumption and the constant hustle of being 'busy' or filling our time relentlessly

Lit UP isn’t the place where we sit in the negative or the anxiety etc. We will look at the ‘negative’ as part of our power as part of our fire & as part the MAGIC of driving us towards the warmth of contentment & actually BEING instead of hustle & pushing things away

In Lit UP, we will bring the fire into being.  YOUR FIRE! We all have it.  You know what, when have been kept small for generations for a reason - we are fucking POWERFUL!  We have more within us than we could even imagine is possible.  When the fire is LIT - we are fully IN our essence of being the badass woman we are meant to be!

We get to change the feeling of shrinking into the 'bad' emotions to feeling empowered by FEELING and chaning what needs to be changed.  Taking the cue from our bodies.  The way our body feels in those emotions as a way to claiming the life and relationships of your desires instead of being consumed by them.


You will get

-4 X LIVE 1 hour sessions with me - all recorded so you do not have to attend live

-A private Facebook Group

-Workbooks and tools to use for life

-All available for life

-Meditation practices

I cannot WAIT for you to fully light your FIRE!

(Starts March 31st)

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