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The Parent Pod  With Emma 

Hi I'm Emma,

I am a qualified paediatric nurse & also  health visitor of 23 years years. My career has been wide & varied. Including working on children's intensive care & also practicing as a health visitor.  During that time I have done extensive training & so have a wide range of skills & knowledge

Also, importantly I am also a Mum to 3 children - aged between 13 & 8 years of age. 

I know all too well how support systems for parents around the country have been either discontinued or the services have been cut back.  However, the need for the services that  provide  families with support, tools & guidance still exists.  It is for this reason that I decided that I could better serve families.  

I am passionate about helping families to grow & develop through empowerment instead of taking a 'the health professional knows best' approach.  As the parent or guardian, you know your child best.  I have skills & knowledge which will add to your experience as a family but I will never profess to know you or your child better than you ever could.

My approach is non judgemental & based in evidence through my skills & knowledge as a practitioner but also as a Mum of 3 who is all too aware that children do not come with a handbook & are individuals in their own right.  

My professional experience combined with being a Mum means that I have 'been there & experienced' lots too! 


As a Mum of 3 I have experienced quite a few challenges along the way.  From spirited children who knew their own minds very well as toddlers.  Postnatal depression with my 3rd.  Reflux with all 3.  A Cow's Milk Protein Intolerance with my youngest which also impacted on sleep. And our youngest being admitted to hospital when he was 14 weeks old with sepsis.  It's been an eventful 13 years of parenthood!

My philosophy has always been that the 'old ways' of parenting & thinking about children as mini adults & being 'seen & not heard' has affected many of us as we've grown into adults.  As parents, we are being offered an opportunity to change the script for our children & I find that both empowering AND exciting.  The knock on effect is that we also learn more about ourselves as adults & how we respond to the world around us & how we can undo some of the things that do not work for us any longer.

There is so much to be learnt in parenting our children &  how we  also 'parent' ourselves!

I have various packages available from one off consultations to longer support packages.  You can choose what works best for you & your family.


More details on the services I offer below

Work With Me
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Parent & Bump Package

£260 - 4 x 60 min Private Online Sessions

Preparing for your baby & life as a parent can be daunting. 


With so many companies wanting to sell you their absolutely-impossible-to-live-without thing. 

Well meaning friends & family offering up their advice/opinion or some random person on the street wanting to enlighten you.


Not to mention the stack of books to confuse new parents further.


This list is endless

It can be difficult to navigate your way through the maze of 'must haves' & 'parenting musts ot must nots'.  You may also feel as though you don't want to talk through experiences or questions within a group setting but that you want a more tailored & individual experience.

This is also the place you can come to ask those questions about becoming a parent you were afraid to ask (there is no such thing as a stupid question).

Here in the Parent & Bump package you will find a place to bring your questions & concerns.  You will be able to do so from the comfort of your own home as a couple.  You will also be able to book in at a time that suits you rather than slot into someone's schedule.

Over the course of the 4 weeks we will cover

  • Connecting with your baby

  • Baby brain development (some science-y stuff!)

  • What do you REALLY need for the baby?

  • What to do with other people's advice/opinions

  • Boundary setting - what are your non-negotiables as your new family unit?

  • Always opportunity to ask questions

  • Talking about parenting concerns or worries  you may have for when the baby arrives

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Trouble Shooting Package

£150 - 1x 60 min initial consultation

3 x 30 min catch up sessions (online)

Text Support

This is the perfect package for you if you need support & guidance on a specific issue

We all know that scenario that comes along at rocks our parenting boat.  We think we've got it all worked out then BHAM something changes!  

Or all of a sudden we realise we've gone down a road in our parenting & we have no idea how we make a U turn.  

Don't lose hope!

I know what it feels like to be at your wits end & feel as though you have broken your child - (thanks parent guilt!).


I work with parenting strategies which allow us as parents to understand the child's viewpoint of the world.  Often children are unable to put words to emotions nor understand what these big things that they feel mean - they're just scary to them & they feel out of control.  Our role as parents is to provide the safe place for them to express them & experience them.

In turn, I am the safe place for you as parents to come to to air your frustrations & to gather strategies which will work for you as a family.

  • You may have a toddler who is testing boundaries & your nerves are frayed 

  • A regular stand off at the dinner table because your child who used to eat everything is now turning their nose up at everything

  • You may have had a new baby & your older child is struggling with the changes


(The list is endless)

We will have an initial 60 minute consultation so that are able tell me about what you would like support with & so I can understand what it is that you need.  We will then have a 30 min catch up session each week after for 3 weeks.  In between I am available for text/voice note support should you need it

Mon-Fri 7am -9pm & Sat 9am-3pm

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Text Support Package
£55 per month subscription

This is perfect for parents who just needs someone at the end of a text or voice note. 


This is for you if you're in a parental quandary about something or if you need someone to run something past or you need support in real time rather than waiting for it.

This is also for

 parents who really don't want to have to phone someone & wait for support or advice.

I offer this text support outside of 'office hours' which means  you are able to get the support you need when you need it most & when is convenient for you.

It might be that you'd like to have some real time support with;

  • A toilet training issue

  • Feeding advice/support

  • A 'do I need to be worried about this?' question (not medical advice)

  • Teething

All of those things you wished you could just drop a text about rather than faff around with a phone call.

I am available for text support Mon-Fri 7am -9pm & Sat 9am-3pm

The text support package is intended for those moments you just need to text quickly.  If there is a more indepth issue or you'd like more in depth support I would suggest booking the 'Trouble Shooting Package' as we can spend much more focused time

This is a monthly rolling subscription that you can cancel at any time.  There may be occasions where the text support is full as I tend to limit spaces so that I offer the best support possible rather than spread myself too thinly

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Mindset For Mums
£65 - 4 Week Online Group (starts week of July 12th)

Mindset For Mums is a 4 week online group experience

If you are a Mum who is always on the go, never have any 'me' time, feel frazzled, overwhelmed & have a to do list that never ends.  If you're forever hearing 'Mummmmmy!'. Or the children have been alerted to the fact that your bum has touched the toilet seat & suddenly must have something or need something from you....


Mindset For Mums is your breathing space.  It is the place you can relax into.  

During the 4 weeks I will take you though some tools & perspectives which will empower you so that you can take control of the overwhelm. I will teach you some amazing techniques  for creating more headspace & enabling you to feel as though everything is no longer running away from you.  You will get to finally stop that runaway train feeling!

None of what I teach will be something that you need to add to your 'to do' list.  Mindset For Mums will be a place where you get to create mental space & clarity

We will have a 60 min weekly group call online.  There will also be a Facebook Group so that you can chat & get to know the other Mums.

(I am also able to provide a Mindset For Mums group for yourself & a group of 5 or more friends should you want a separate group.  If you'd like to chat about this as an option contact me on: emma@emmaking.co.uk  )