Together WE RISE!

When a spark gets lit & passed from one woman to another - we LIGHT UP TOGETHER.



Before I go any further, I want you to first know that 'Together WE RISE!' is not an experience that is going to TAKE from you, instead it will (& I will) GIVE to you!  You get to experience what it feels like to be fully supported, to be able to receive & for it all to be UNCONDITIONAL. 

When you've never truly opened up to yourself as woman - your innate  & natural essence of creation, of birth, of the divine. You do not truly know just how amazing & powerful you are. 

Do you  hand yourself over to a power & construct outside of yourself because you have no idea how much power you hold within? Are you fearful of it?


What would happen if YOUR power was let loose, allowed to create from excitement & expansiveness? Instead of being shut down as ‘risky’, too much,  it's just not what we do & through fear.


How many times have you been swept along on the conveyor belt of life, not asking questions, not rocking the boat, staying small to fit in?

***I know how it feels, I have been you***

I was a woman who was gripped by social anxiety, not daring to speak to anyone.  Wishing the walls would engulf me so that I didn't have to be there any longer.  I have lived through & completely 'cured' (I no longer experience them) chronic illnesses which saw me on the sidelines of my family life for YEARS.  I ditched a 22 year career which created fear & not freedom and judgement rather than empowerment.

I made the CHOICE to LIVE my life & not be dragged through it.

I say this knowing how hard it can be to find your way through to the spark, the excitement & and the joy. 

When we’re in the process of ‘doing life’ we get caught up in the myriad of things that we need to get done. Or the things that create the frustrations, anger, disappointment, anxiety for us. Life just feels fucking hard! It’s a slog, an up-hill struggle. And we can’t stop the struggle because it’s just what we need to do, there is no other way. It’s like bloody Groundhog Day!


We don’t have the time to devote any meaningful reflection into the things that are causing us the exhaustion & dissatisfaction for our day to day life. We just keep on keeping on.


Here in 'Together WE RISE!' you will find your spark.  You will see just how powerful you are.  Not because I tell you so but because you will finally SEE HER!

In 'Together WE RISE!’ - I give you permission (not that you need it but often we feel like we do) to STOP!! To BREATHE! In this space I offer you the zoom out of the grind to be truly present with yourself. Let me hold you & create the space to zoom out. You get to CHOOSE a different way, a new way that SERVES you & doesn’t deplete you.


We will have a group voxer (like WhatsApp) which I will be a part of. I will be available to you for coaching/guidance/support. I will be available to ask you questions to offer a new perspective. We will also have a weekly group live call for an hour where I will bring tools, coaching, support, guidance, listening, meditations for you. This is YOUR space, your own hour of giving to yourself each week.


When we walk with, grow with & alongside other women, we see the mirror & reflection of who we are too. It’s not she, her, the other woman - this is YOU - SHE IS YOU. We get to see ourselves in ALL women.

We start the week of the 19th April

You Will Get

  • A weekly group call with me via zoom - for group coaching, teaching, insights & holding space (recorded)

  • Group Voxer for the 4 weeks (like whatsapp) with me & the other women for support, guidance & sharing via voicenote & text

  • Workbooks to use as you wish

  • Meditations

  • Lifetime access to the dashboard



Choose your package below

Choose Your Package

Package 1 £59


  • Access to 'Together WE RISE!' for the 4 weeks

Package 2 - £109


  • Access to 'Together WE RISE!' for the 4 weeks

  • A personalised numerology reading by me (worth £88)

*Total Value - £147*

Package 3 - £195


  • Access to 'Together WE RISE!' for the 4 weeks

  • A personalised numerology reading by me (worth £88)

  • A 1 hour 1:1 coaching/guidance/support session with me (worth £195)

*Total Value - £342*

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