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Have you noticed that in relationships, whether that's friends, family, work colleagues you find yourself feeling anxious or as though you're too 'needy'.  Do you find that you worry that and obsess over conversations you've had with people?  Or do you find yourself holding back with people, never quite getting close or allowing people to see the 'real you'?  Do you find it difficult to maintain relationships? Are you always over thinking and over analysing text messages - is that person unhappy with me, did I do something or say something to upset them? Do you feel constantly on the outside?

If you find yourself saying 'yes, that's me!' to any of those questions, 'Insider' will help you to realise why relationships seem to be a struggle for you. In this 9 week program you'll be able to understand why your relationships are full of angst or why you feel a 'meh'.  Not only that, you will be given tools & methods to come back to time & time again to bring yourself back to a more empowered place  

You see your way of relating to people and 'being' in relationship with people in your life is established way back when you were young, a baby even.  The way you see relationships and interact with others has been hard wired since we were little.  Even when you were a small baby you were already taking in how you can expect to be responded to, cared for and how you should do the same for others through the relationships with your caregivers.  Parenting has come a long way since we were young & we now know that commonly used practices such as 'Controlled Crying/Cry it Out' are indeed damaging to the security we felt as young babies and children.  

Our toxic society & past relationships have modelled to us that we're not supposed to ask anyone else to help meet our needs.  We've been told and shown that we can do this life by ourselves, we're badass women after all.  This has led you to feel utterly shameful for ever asking for support or what you ned to thrive.  So you exist in survival mode in your relationships.  Everyone else around me deals with life, why can't I?  Why am I useless, why am I so needy?

The good news is - once we are able to understand ourselves in a deeper way, we can untangle ourselves & create a new way of being with other people which doesn't throw us into a sh*t storm & instead creates the security within ourselves to return to.  We get to be finally be the Insider!

I have been where you are.  I was the chronically shy little girl who would literally hide behind my Mum's legs even when speaking to family members.  I was bullied at school because I never felt able to speak up.  Through into my adult life I never quite 'fit'.  I Would find myself with what I would say were my best friends, unable to talk, feeling and believing as though my voice was not valid - people would think I was stupid.  Who was I to contribute to the conversation? No, really who was I -I didn't have a clue.  These translated as me appearing to be rude by not talking or in a loop of overthinking my conversations or messages with others.  This would then spiral into feeling as though I was too needy.  My relationship with my husband hit a difficult patch,  it was then that I really began digging into the reasons WHY I felt this way.  I started to understand that I wasn't some freak but that I was always relating to others from the shy little girl way back when.  And now?  Now I have beautiful friendships where I absolutely feel and am heard, I don't spend an age anxiously over analysing them. My husband and I have an AMAZING understanding of each other.  Sometimes that little girl is still there but I remind myself that she is not who I am now.  That I am now able to recognise her and allow her to have the words, thoughts and feelings that she was never able to express, feel or voice.  She is now safe.  The peace that comes from that is immense.  I wish that every woman is able to feel that peace, clarity & belonging

Emma's 9 week program 'Insider' will give you the tools & also the core information on our relating styles & why we have been 'wired' this way.   You will also have a group Whatsapp for you & the other ladies who sign up.  This group will be facilitated by Emma & will be a safe space to talk, share information & to dip your toe into the water of challenging your relating styles - you'll be the Insider.    There will be 'aha' moments a plenty!  You'll learn & discover that voicing your wants and needs isn't something to be shameful of.


Become so confident in authentic relationships that you'll never feel awkward or on the outside again!

Starting 15th November at 7.30pm

What you can expect

 9 week online group mentorship 

  • Looking at your own values & feelings (beyond the basic mad/sad etc)

  • Feeling safe with others as you are

  • Become empowered in your voice

  • How you relate with others - why do you feel the ick factor?

  • Recognising who will meet your needs in relationships & who won’t or isn't able to

  • Having your own needs met - asking for what you want/need

  • Whatspp group  for the 9 weeks duration to explore these topics.  A safe space so you can be supported in between calls & you are able to be listened to, taken as you are & feel safe in doing so

  • A 60-90 min group call with me with me teaching & mentoring each week.  All calls will be recorded & saved for you

There are 2 payments options available 

Pay in full £450
2X monthly payment

Work With Emma

There are many ways in which you are able to work with Emma from 1:1 sessions to group sessions. 


Please take a look below  

Emma always aims to ensure a safe space is created.  Whatever the space is it will be one of nurture, thought, respect and care

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